Upcoming Workshop

Sunday, MaY 26, 2019

from 9u30 to 12u30 AM CEST

“Clearing Our Ancestral Lineage”


Hello there and Welcome @ YOGAVINA,

Thank you so much for your interest in this workshop .

Last workshop of March 31, Healing Never Good Enough, was mainly about how we first have to internally balance the power play between the inner child and the inner adult within ourself to move the never good enough vibration out of our system, so that we can have new or transformed relationships in our external world that are of an equal power balance.

Now, in this workshop, I will highlight that most of this stuff, our so called ‘conditions’, we, as intuitive-sensitives, ‘suffer’ from, sort of speak, aren’t even ours… . And you might think, what??

Seeing from the perspective of a flower, to go from ‘POD’ to ‘Bloom’, we will first have to clear our ancestral lineage, which is the ‘POD’, before we can then plant seeds, or actually new seeds, which will be, most likely, the subject (Planting new Seeds) of our next workshop scheduled for Sunday, June 30.

Why do we have to clear our ancestral lineage, you might ask?

Well, because, you are an intuitive-sensitive and this has been in your history. How do I know? I will explain this in detail in this workshop :-).

We will also do exercises (with pen and paper, no yoga exercises ;-) to prepare your psyche and then go into a deep transformative state where I will facilitate the meditations to clear out unconscious patterns that block you and are even harmful to your life today.

We will finalize this workshop with a deep healing relaxation. The whole workshop is live recorded and you can also follow this workshop live from your home and even join all of the exercises online. The replay will be send to all participants for you to rerun and replay as much as you want.

If the timing will allow for us, we will also do some Kundalini yoga and Kundalini meditation(s), with regards to this subject, but, that is, only if we have some time left…

Enrollment is now open :-)

The price of the workshop is 45€. To reserve your spot, we ask a 10€ pre-payment.

If you invite a friend, you and your friend, both get a 20% discount. This means price is 36€ for each of you. So don’t hesitate and invite one of your friends (or more friends) who would also be interested to join. Make sure your friend(s) also enroll(s) online (via this link) and let me know you come together as friends. Per person I need a 10€ pre-payment to reserve your spaces. Thank you.

If you have further questions, please send via form here-below or give me a call (0032 496 23 60 58).

I am very much looking forward to seeing you again for this amazing topic,

which will allow you to finally move forward in the direction that you want!

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