Skin Healing Benefits of Grated Lemon Peel

Lemon peel is REALLY good for the skin and, apparently, after doing some research, it is beneficial for many other body issues as well. I was told it is good for the skin, and, because I always have skin issues, I started to rasp the lemon peel and drink it with warm water on a daily basis. The results are REMARKABLE. My skin has improved so much that I decided to write my very first BLOG on it to share with you these SKIN HEALING BENEFITS OF LEMON PEEL. 

From a yogic/ayurvedic point of view, we all know that water with lemon juice is very healthy and detoxifying, which I was drinking for the past 3 years. However, the lemon peel is even more beneficial than the juice and maybe you know this, but I didn't. I had no idea. My mom told me and she was told it is a Russian recipe :-) .

To tell you my story... I had this ugly, big (because I waited too long) wart on the inside of my left hand. After 2 months of drinking grated lemon peel in a glas of warm water every morning on an empty stomach (instead of the lemon juice), this wart, which I had for several years, is gone now, in 3 weeks time! I saw it shrinking and I knew it was the lemon peel doing its job. Over the years, the size of this wart was getting so big, growing towards the inside of the skin, a dermatologist definitely needed to remove it by freezing, or whatever technique they use, or it will just keep on growing. So I scheduled, a few months ago, an appointment with my dermatologist, which was in fact planned for this Wednesday, the 29th of August. Well, I can cancel it. It is not necessary anymore. The stubborn virus has been conquered! Lemon peel is the key for healing :-) .

Best way to eat lemon peels: buy some organic lemons with hard and thick peels, these are the easiest to grate. If the peel is soft, freeze the lemons first, then grate after defreezing for one night in the fridge. Besides drinking the crumbs with warm water on an empty stomach (use a straw to protect your teeth), you can also add it to your tea, salad, or eat it directly; add, if necessary, a healthy sweetener. 

10 Amazing Benefits of Lemon Peels:

  1. Improves Bone Health
  2. Treats Oxidative Stress
  3. Eradicates Toxins
  4. Fights Cancer
  5. Reduces Cholesterol
  6. Prevents Heart Related Conditions
  7. Maintains Oral Health & Hygiene
  8. Promotes Weight Loss
  9. Fight Skin Related Conditions
  10. Other Health Benefits: 
    1. cleansing the liver
    2. strenghtening cappilleries
    3. curing ear infections
    4. improving blood circulations
    5. reducing muscle contractions
    6. prevention of strokes

According to the USDA (National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference):

  • Every 100g portion of lemon peel contains 134 mg of calcium.
  • Each 100g of peel has 160mg of Potassium minerals.
  • It contains 129 mg of Vitamin C per each 100g portion
  • For every 100gm of Portion, it has 10.6 g of Fiber.


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